10 Must-Haves In Your New Construction Home

10 Must-Haves In Your New Construction Home

1. Custom Built-Ins

Built-ins add weight and visual interest to your home in addition to their tremendous storage benefits paricularly when it comes to city living where you may want to maximize every inch of space.

2. Smart Technology

Start your oven, shut off your lights, turn down the heat, all from the convenience of your cell phone. It’s the future and it’s here now so why not incorporate it into your space?

3. Under Cabinet Outlets

Placing outlets under the cabinets helps to keep your backsplash looking clean and your countertops appear clutter-free without hanging wires.

4. Pull Out Cabinet

This is a great option for small spaces. You can pull out a cabinet to use as a cutting board or island if you’re entertaining guests and need more surface space.

5. Interior Garden

We’re all about blurring the lines between in and outdoors and we all find ourselves called closer to nature as a result of the pandemic. An interior garden can help improve the air quality in your home, plus it’s proven that even looking at a photo of a plant can increase serotonin in your brain.

6. Window Seat

A window seat is great use of space, whether in a bedroom, office or living room, to cozy up with book, a glass of wine or just to appreciate the outdoors from within. Window seats also work in breakfast nook for additional seating.

7. Room/Space For What You Love

Maybe you don’t have the extra room, but you can certainly combine a home office with a passion of yours or you can carve out a corner of your home as an art space, crafting, puzzles, library, gaming, whatever you are into!

8. Heated Floors

Even if you just have the budget to do this in your bathroom – DO IT! It feels amazing first thing in the morning or after a long day commuting home in the New England winter. Once you have a heated floor, you’ll never want to go with it. I have a heated bathroom floors and now it’s a must have in any future home!

9. Floor-To-Ceiling Fireplace

Bringing your fireplace up to the ceiling with stone creates height and a dramatic visual. It really elevates the aesthetic of your space!

10. Wet Room

A wet room is where the shower floor is flush with the rest of the floor and all of the materials in the bathroom can sustain getting wet. They’re ultra trendy right now, but I believe they have staying power as they elicit such a luxurious and spa-like vibe.

Which of these would be a must-have in your new construction home? Let me know in the comments!

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