Most And Least Utilized Luxury Amenities

Most And Least Utilized Luxury Amenities

One of the most common decisions potential buyers in the city of Boston make is luxury building or brownstone. If you’ve made the decision to go with luxury building, you are now tasked with deciding which one is right for you. Most buildings have a plethora of amenities offered to their residents, but which ones get the most use and which ones can you live without?

Most Used


This is an obvious one. Since the pandemic, people are craving outdoor space be it private, common, roof deck or courtyard. These spaces are a favorite among luxury building residents.


Another pandemic-related anomaly. With the 40 hour work week shifting, we’re seeing more people working from home in some capacity. Your condo may work just fine for day-to-day, but for those calls and big meetings, it’s nice to have space available to suit your needs.


Playrooms help fill a gap for city dwellers who may not have the space for a large playroom for little ones. Keeping the mess out of your personal space is an added bonus!


Rooms with billiard tables, foosball, and other adult games are usually buzzing with residents and their friends enjoying a few games after a long day of work and on the weekends.


This amenity, especially the indoor variety, tend to get the most use from families in the building. It’s a great way to burn some energy during the colder months.

Least Used


Most people will either watch the movie, big game or fight on their own televisions or at a point now where they feel comfortable returning to movie theaters.


While pet parks are widely used by residents, most people prefer to take their pet elsewhere for their grooming needs vs. DIY.


Most basketball lovers will join a league or gather with a few buddies outside or at a club; they are not necessarily taking advantage of the court in their building.


Before, but especially since the pandemic, most buildings have stopped offering this service as it’s costly and an immense waste when the food gets left behind.


These sound really cool, but as I was researching this post, article after article unanimously declared golf simulators the most overrated amenity available in luxury buildings.

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