Small Space Solutions: Room Dividers That Will Make Your Space Feel Bigger

Small Space Solutions: Room Dividers That Will Make Your Space Feel Bigger


Room dividers are the perfect small space solutions for city dwellers looking to maximize space and functionality. For example, a studio can turn into a one-bedroom or you can create a dining room. The options are endless, but narrowing down the right choice for you can be overwhelming. Here are my top picks.

Bookshelf Dividers

A bookshelf divider provides additional storage and decor. It’s a fantastic option for those with a studio or open bedroom/bonus space to provide separation without building a wall.


Plant Dividers

A plant divider’s benefits extend beyond its primary role as a space-definer. Did you know that experiencing nature can lower blood pressure and improve your mental health? Good for your interior design and good for your health. Win/win.


Folding Screens

Folding screens allow for flexibility as they are not as permanent of a fixture as bookshelf or plant divider options can be. I predict with more people working remotely, these options will gain popularity as a way to create a home office space allowing for privacy and fewer distractions.



Curtains are the grown-up, sophisticated version of the beads of your teen years. They are a fabulous way to section off your sleeping area while keeping the rest of your space light and open.


Existing Furniture

A simple rearrangement of furniture is a great way to define spaces without incorporating new elements and potentially cluttering up your home. Repositioning your couch with the back to the dining area creates a living room, separation from the kitchen, and can even create an entryway. Adding a rug under your dining table will anchor that space. You just have to get a little creative.


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